That was the Clarity-workshop in Norrköping


Some of the workshop members at SMHI 

In total 27 people from different European countries and companies discussed the most relevant Clarity-topics. Partners from SMHI, ATOS, WSP, Meteogrid, AIT, CIS, Smart Cities Consulting, CEDEX, AEMET, LUPT, ZAMG, Eureka and Acciona were presenting and assisting. Meeting up in the SMHI office after the workshop everybody took a walk through beautiful Norrköping.


The goal of this workshop was to ensure, what was planned, achieved or not-on-time by now to see how the Clarity-project goes on. All scientific partners demonstrated investigated data and talked about open issues. The findings of the end-user workshops for all demonstration cases were presented by the demonstration partners. The participants gave their opinion on these cases. Also, they discussed how to turn the Marketplace into a sustainable service.

“Our bible is the EU-GL guideline. Project managers need to understand the steps they can take to make investments resilient to climate variability and -change. Relevant local hazards, exposure, and vulnerability of elements at risk are the basis for impact assessment and appraisal of adaptation measures. We will create a powerful tool by integrating data with this workflow”, Pascal Dihe from CISmet explains.

Mattia Leone (Plinivs, Italy) presented the GIS data collection process from Naples Municipality, which already started in 2017. “A huge work was done on analysis of relevant layers from DBT data and assessing data quality”, he says.

The Streets of Norrköping

Christina Wickberger (Stockholm Stad, Sweden) and Amorim Jorge (SMHI, Sweden) talked about the data service concerning the Green Area Factor. “We are providing an online tool where the user can investigate about heat waves, possibly intensified by Urban Heat Islands, with potential consequences on human health and air pollution events. The goal is to improve urban planning evolution in the future”. He continues: “Developed by Stockholm City, this tool scores various types of green solutions for building blocks and public spaces based on their heat reduction potential. It aims at managing urban greenery and storm water, compensating for the negative effects of climate change and creating green spaces for recreation.”

Esbri Miguel Angel (Atos, Spain) presented the Demo Case of Spanish Transport Infrastructure, talking about impact and adaptation possibilities. They take all climate data, that are important for the roads: “We take into account the air temperature, the wind, rain and fog.” Luis Torres (Meteogrid, Spain) continued with the needs and goals on planning and designing the maintenance and construction of infrastructure. He also presented the main buildings blocks they considered so far.


In the fruitful workshop there was achieved a lot in terms of team-building since it is not easy to talk constantly through whole Europe. Emilio Blas (Acciona, Spain) resumed: “I am new in the project. In these days, I got a lot more clarification. Now everybody knows what the other companies are doing and how CSIS and the Marketplace will be developed in the next months. It looks that we get aligned.”

So far this new website as well as various Social Media accounts are running. A newsletter and promotional material are planned. And building a community will be the great goal till the end of 2018. All demonstration cases are on a good way and none is too delayed. The plan for the next six months is set.

City Profile - Norrköping

Norrköping is a city in the Swedish region Östergötlands län and has about 94 thousand inhabitants. Norrköping is home to companies such as Bosch, Philips and more as well as an outpost of the university of Lingköping.

For over 400 years the textile industry was Norrköpings main economy sector. Due to international competitors almost all factories closed down in the 1960. Except one: Borås Wäfveri. Norrköping's architecture is a mix of older industrial buildings from the former textile industry and new modern buildings.

*Personal hint: The textile industrial part of Norrköping is rebuilt and offers a fantastic walk along the riverside. Watch the interesting infrastructure, architecture and museums.